Our mission is to ensure that every Firefighter Line-of-Duty Death (LODD) within Minnesota is provided a dignified memorial service. This will be done no matter what departmental affiliation, religious, political or any other preference. We are only here to honor a fallen brother or sister within the fire service.

To further that cause MFFMA will work with other fire departments that are interested in starting their own honor guard. Additionally, we will provide support as we can for non-LODD funerals, Color Guards and fire service related memorials. Our first and primary task is LODD funerals and nothing else will come first.

To honor our fallen Firefighters, we have started to produce a list of those that have answered their last call while on duty. We know the list is incomplete at this time. We will continue to research the names of our fallen heroes. If you know of someone not one the list, please let us know so what we can honor our fallen. The present list of MN Fallen Firefighters.