Line-of-Duty Death Reporting

MFFMA is concerned about proper reporting of Line-of-Duty Deaths (LODD). We offer the following information on-line as a guide to assist with this process. We will work to keep the information current but things can change without our knowledge. Please use this as a guideline and not gospel.

Most of this information comes from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

How to report a LODD from NFFF

If you have lost a firefighter in the line-of-duty, here are a few steps that the department needs to take to help both the family and the department.

  1. Immediately contact the Minnesota State Duty Officer and the Department of Justice's Public Safety Officers' Benefits (PSOB) Program at (888) 744-6513. When you report a firefighter death, have all critical information available on the firefighter, department, and next-of-kin PSOB offers financial assistance to survivors of public safety officers who die in the line of duty from a traumatic injury. There are many procedures that need to be followed so survivors can receive benefits to which they are entitled. Call PSOB even if you are not sure whether your firefighter's family will qualify for benefits under this program. This initial phone call will begin the process of determining the survivors' eligibility for benefits.
  2. Based on suggestions from chiefs who have lost firefighters in the line of duty, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has created a checklist of what needs to be done immediately, before the funeral, and afterwards. Other line-of-duty death information, including autopsy guidelines, is accessible through thier web site. They can also provide suggestions about how to support the family and coworkers during this difficult time. If you would like to speak directly with another chief who has also lost a firefighter in the line of duty, please contact the NFFF via e-mail or at (301) 447-1365.
  3. Find out what benefits exist for survivors of fallen firefighters in your state. Benefits may include lump-sum death payments, workers' compensation, funeral benefits, pensions and retirement programs, scholarships, and non-profit/private support. A comprehensive Resource Guide of line-of-duty death materials for fire departments is available from the Foundation free of charge. This 50-page guide is intended for pre-incident planning, but it contains information on family and fire department support, and resources that may be helpful to you at this time. Send an e-mail request for this guide, or call (301) 447-1365 to request a copy. The Foundation also sponsors the annual National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend. Fallen firefighters who meet the criteria for inclusion will be honored at the National Memorial Service during the calendar year following the death.