About the Minnesota Fallen Firefighters Memorial Association

The Minnesota Fallen Firefighters Memorial Association (MFFMA) is a non-profit organization formed in June 2001. While the organization is new, the members are not new to honor and color guards. The members that started the team have many years of experience on honor guards and are members of existing teams.

Presently there are about 750 Fire Departments within Minnesota. Of those 750 departments, there are only about ten that we know of that have a formal Honor Guard. We are here to ensure the other 740 departments are served when they experience a Line-of-Duty Death. We are here for the needs of the next of kin and the Fire Departments. We will not force ourselves onto the family or Fire Department. Instead we will assist them with as little or as much resources as requested. We are here to serve as requested. Our complete list of objectives covers our assistance in more depth.

As stated above we are a new organization. We are looking for members and funding to start the MFFMA. We are getting organized and looking for assistance. We have information on-line about how to apply to the MFFMA. Also, if you are interested in donating to the MFFMA, please e-mail us. We are a non-profit organization.