Minneapolis Fire Department

Tischer, Laycock, Anderson & McLeod - Minneapolis FD

Harlow J. Tischer, Firefighter, Ladder 1 - January 23, 1947

Donald T. Laycock, Firefighter, Ladder 4 - January 23, 1947

Arnold A. Anderson, Firefighter, Ladder 4 - January 23, 1947

Walter R. McLeod, Captain, Ladder 4 - February 2, 1947

The above four fireman died in action at a fire inthe Hull-Dobbs Auto Sales garage at 2610 Hennepin Avenue South. They were on the building's first floor cutting holes to get at flames in the basement when the floor suddenly collapsed. Flames and smoke prevented resuers from reaching them for more than an hour. When found, all but McLeod were dead, and he was so seriously injured that the later died. This fire caused the second worst life loss to firemen of any blaze in the City's history.